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 Plz Read guys. its important

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PostSubject: Plz Read guys. its important   Plz Read guys. its important Icon_minitimeSat Aug 30, 2008 5:36 pm

i would like you all to read these posts. ive copied them from instance bugs on the forum.

Sunwell posts:

My experience with sunwell, after leading a few very successful PuGīs there (they all cleared Kalecgos, KJ, and either brutallus or the doable twin before a disconnect made us leave), is the following:
The trash is very very hard, if you donīt know what youīre doing. The safest way is to have a hunter pull them one by one, and feigning death if he aggroes more than one, while a couple of rogues and pallies stunlock the pulled mob. It usually works pretty well, except on dawn priests. The trash-related bugs, as far as I can tell, are these:
- Dawn priests: Cannot be hit by anything that is not a spell or a poison (probably caused by a bugged holy form). They spam holy nova, and even if they run out of mana, they can keep casting it. Their holy nova heals players and other mobs, but not themselves. Major pain in the butt, but not really a threat to the raid.
- Arch magi: they sometimes get bugged, and spam 4 or 5 novas (frost and arcane) in one second. Low life, so they rarely survive focus fire while stun-locked. They pose a high wipe threat.
- Dusk priests: Mind flay hits everybody in the raid for about 1500 dps, if they have shadow prot. prayer, shadow prot. aura and mark of the wild (3000+ without resists). They also spam AOE fear. Cooldowns and a little reduction on the amount of targets that mind flay can hit would go a long way. They usually die quick if focus fired.
The rest of the trash seems to work fine, except for some guardians who aggro people through the walls, or even when they are on a higher area.
Bosses: They are mostly doable as it is. However, there are a couple bugs:
- KilīJaedenīs shade form can only be hit by area of effect attacks.
- Felmyst spams his AOE nature damage. It can be mass dispelled by a priest, but not when the dragon is casting it every few seconds, due to mass dispelīs high mana cost. A reduction on the cooldown would make Felmyst doable again, if hard (which he should be. Sunwellīs supposed to be the hardest instance).

Most of sunwell is doable with a good full group. If you have people who are under-geared or don't know how to play their class or work together, you will wipe. The trash is hard but nothing impossible. Felmyst spams a gas cloud which does 3000 nature damage every 2 seconds to everyone in the raid, I think there might be an extra 0 on that spell XD Grand Warlock Alythess has been bugged in the past, haven't tried her lately though as Lady Sacrolash is doable. Hopefully these 2 scripts can get fixed soon.
Sunwell was very popular when it was first added because is was a n00b 70 paradise. Top of the line gear with little effort; you could just run through the trash straight to the bosses and even they were easy. THIS IS NOT THE WAY IT WAS INTENDED. Just because some people liked it that way doesn't mean that's the way it's supposed to be. It is supposed to be the hardest raid in the game.
On retail servers you don't just start running Sunwell as soon as you hit 70. You start with the 5-person 70 instances, and get your rare 70 gear and maybe a few epics. Then you can start doing the 10-person 70 raids like Kara and Gruul's Lair, then SSC, get some of your T4 and then T5. When you have full 70 epic gear you can start doing the easier 25-person raids and finish getting your T4 and T5 stuff. Black Temple and Sunwell come LAST. Anyone without full 70 epic gear does not belong anywhere near these 2. FFS it's called "Tier" gear because YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO WORK YOUR WAY UP. T4, then T5, and then finally T6. Tier sets are not for impressing other players or for PvP - It's supposed to be NECESSARY for the harder raids.
If the trash in Sunwell is too hard for you then FFS go somewhere easier and get proper gear first.

this is a extremely good point. WE CAN DO RAIDS IF WE TRY

this is why im proposing we start fucking organising stuff on lower scripted instances (naxxramas, BRD, MC, Strath) where we can practice our PvE skills (CC, Group management, threat management, multi tanking) together and L2P! we are NOT going to be a good guild if we dont act!

seriously, there are 18 users on the forums out of our atleast 300 members in guild. wtf is happening here?! we need to gkick people who refuse to participate, people who dont respond, dont speak english, beg or just egeneral s**t.

YES it may give us harsh rep. YES it may hurt the guilds numbers, but what the f**k happened to quality over quantity? id prefer to have 47 decent players rather than 8 decent players and 200 non english speaking n00bs. we need to be harsh guys. i dont really care if people go "OMG I NO NAB!" or "WTF WHY YOU KICK ME?" even if they CAN speak english, a person who dosent participate has no right to be here. from now on, i am going to crack down here and be the grumpy try hard guild master's right hand.

i want EVERYONE to link new recruits to the forums. as soon as you invite someone (or see someone get invited) link them to the forums. just copy the link from your browser, close it, and open wow. easy.

and gaz ffs, only make warlords + be able to recruit. and make High Warlords basically guild masters (without GNOTE EDITING! SERIOUSLY MAN, FUCKING FIX IT) im really mad about the state of the guild. if you (and it HAS to be you gaz, you do control the guild) arent going to start cleaning it up after the mess its become, then people like pif will leave

hell, im thinking of leaving man if you dont clean this s**t up. this guild had promise, we need to be harsh and we need to fix this s**t up.

have everyone sign on to the forums, make them post (here is also a good way to see activity, if they post, atleast their participating)

have 5 ranks:

Initiate (no power what so fucking ever)
Memeber (ability to participate in general guild stuff, ie, setting their own note, putting stuff in the gbank)
Veteran (more gbank acess again, more le-way in the guild, aka, their able to ask for stuff polietly)
Warlord (low level officer, their own tab, officer notes, can invite)
High Warlord (Own tab, High officer, pretty much bow down to these guys, allowed to ask for most things, can invite) Guild master (only one who can edit the guild MotD, raid planner, loot master, etc. his own tab and no one is allowed to ask for stuff from it, its his tab.)

and ffs change the ranks man, make them cool. like (this is my suggestion, guild input here recommended) Thug, Stalker, Blood Spiller, Executioner, Mass Murderer, Guild Master.

and dont promote everyone ffs. officers who have invited ppl (once this system is set up) put a note on their toon (officer note) saying when they were invited, after a week from that date, tell the guild if their worthy and its a promotion, 2 weeks after that its another promotion, and then its based on decency. give it maybe a month before they become an officer guys, what if some guy ninjas the DB? or what if some guy ML loots? cos hes an officer cos he was senselessly promoted.

were all a little guilty here, even me, i know n00bs i invited who turned out to be russian people who just wanted free gems. dont invie people who go "LOOKING FOR A GUILD (H)" on trade. atleast whisper them, ask them the who they are

something like "i see your looking for a guild, you think you got what it takles to join legacy?" and if they go "invite me plz!!!" then no. be stern and harsh guys. we need to make this work

or tbh

this guilds gonna fall apart.

hope you guys understand and are gonna help me make an effort. if not, im afraid ill either head back to allaince, or get into explicit with Chey or Gladiators with taddie or kenshee. cos im not gonna waste my last 2 months of private server gaming on a guild that has members who arent like us! the core!
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PostSubject: Re: Plz Read guys. its important   Plz Read guys. its important Icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2008 9:51 pm


i mean seriously, say have atleast a week or 2 before getting promoted, then joining the lower rank. then they are helpful, after about a month or two, get promoted. join raids etc, very helpful, THINK of making them go higher. let NO ONE else be highwarlords, i mean it sounds harsh, but this should be kept as THE CORE, i honestly think. if they ask for a promotion, reset the timer on them to be promoted. if they beg, put, one warning, next GKICK

and also, just clean up the ones who dont wanna do g raids. i mean i didnt go to the guild za today coz i was lvling, plus i only saw about 2-3 other 70's on, so i ma sorry about not participating. but the guild needs to be cleaned up. get rid of the trash, only fluent english (it makes communication easier, ofcourse) and only highly skilled players should be on the warlords, llike semi leaders

^just ideas ^
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PostSubject: Re: Plz Read guys. its important   Plz Read guys. its important Icon_minitimeTue Sep 02, 2008 3:44 pm

Totally agree with you. I sometimes don;t go to raids, but more than likely I do unless I'm in the middle of something. When I logged in yesterday I saw a bunch of names that were new to me, not sure who they were. And a couple were asking for promotions, one which was asking so he/she could get mats from the gbank. I think we need to start requiring filling out apps on the site first, if they are too lazy to do that then they don;t deserve to be in the guild. After the screening I think it would be a good idea to bring them on a raid with an office to decide if they can actually play their class and listen to instructions. I don;t want this to look like a job, but we need to do some kind of screening.

afro afro afro
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PostSubject: Re: Plz Read guys. its important   Plz Read guys. its important Icon_minitime

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Plz Read guys. its important
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