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 wanna get on our bad side? do these things. and prepare to die.

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wanna get on our bad side? do these things. and prepare to die. Empty
PostSubject: wanna get on our bad side? do these things. and prepare to die.   wanna get on our bad side? do these things. and prepare to die. Icon_minitimeWed Aug 06, 2008 8:28 am

    [1] do not insult the guild master.

    [2] Do not insult officers.

    [3] do not insult other members unjustly.

    [4] do not Spam Guild chat with item requests or PuG requests. a single simple "LFG Sunwell, if you want to come with me, /w Malacrass! he need DPS and healers" is quite enough. we have eyes you know.

    [5]Do not expect others to give you items. ask for materials and see if anyone offers. if they dont, go farm.

    [6]Do not use guild Mates professions for profit. do not take gems to a guild mate, cut them and then sell them. this is an insult to the whole guild.

    [7]do not stay with a PuG, even if they are JUST DOING THE BOSS YOU NEED, if a guild raid is on and we need members. if a guild mate needs to run an instance to get a specific item, they are expected to wait till everyone is free to help them, do not expect everyone to drop what their doing to come and help. but if it is an organized event, a major raid or if multiple people need the same items, it is your duty to support them.

    [8]Do not /lol if your a Blood Elf

    [9]Do not /silly if your a male Blood Elf. we already know who is gay and who isn't. we don't need confirmation.

    [10]Do not whisper officers/the GM with promotion requests or complaints about the server/so and so guild memeber

    [11]Do not scream and complain on guild chat about a PuG raid. its your own fault

    [12]Do not scream and yell or make a fuss if someone ninjas an item in guild. screen shot them and email to an officer. we will handle it.

    [13]Do not curse on guild chat. there are younger players around you know

    [14]Do not teabag other players unless you deserve the right too

    [15]Do not gank. this is unfair and i know how it feels to be stuck in tanaris for 4 days and getting 5 levels in 14 hours cos i spent all my time dead.

    [16]report hackers to GM immediately via a screenshot and post on the Burning WoW Forum

    [17]Do not complain about n00b huntards and stun lock rogues. its a class, and they have a spec. deal with it.

    [18]Participate in ALL guild events if you are online. this is part of the guild spirit and are usually good fun and practice

    [19]If you see one of us on our ally character, you must attempt to rape us at all possible angles. but you must not camp. we already know alliance suck 1v1, you dont need to rub it in.

    [20]Do not roll on items that a) dont apply to your class or b) you already have better. "because it looks cool" is not a vable roll explanation from taking away an item needed by another player

    [21]do not hold back items needed by a guild mate if you have them and dont require them. giving them stuff will ensure you have a happy guild life.

    [22]do not switch server/realm without prior notice and reasoning

    [23]Do not go AFK in raids unless notified

    [24]Do not spam trade chat with help requests, LFG notices or WTS notices. we can see one of them.

    [25]do not [caps lock] in guild chat. we can see what you wrote in lower case. we aren't blind old bats you know.

    [26]Do not hesitate to mercilessly slaughter any rat, crab, rabbit or mouse with your most powerful ability you find in a dungeon.

    [27]Do not make out on guild chat. if you want to have cyber, find a chat program. we aren't all wanting to experiance something like that in the middle of black temple, fighting immense demons of the underworld

    [28]Do not switch to your ally character to gank a leveling guild mate

    [29]Do not brag about how l337 you are. we can see if your good, but there is no point getting a halberd of desolation shoved up your ass about it.

    [30]Do not swear at any deity or any guild mate. if you want something to swear at, swear at Kael'thas for spreading the plauge of gay, white skinned magic addicts.
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wanna get on our bad side? do these things. and prepare to die.
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