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PostSubject: The Gphoto   The Gphoto Icon_minitimeSat Aug 30, 2008 1:08 pm

well, gaz has been wanting a gphoto for a while now and it would look really nice on the maon page as the header image, here are some of the locations ive found that might be good.

these are the ones that i like


The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_081908_195816

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_081908_221007

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_081908_221053

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_081908_221448

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_081908_221728

Blackwing Lair

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_081908_222850

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_081908_223645

lol i found this one funny, guess why Razz
The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_081908_223749

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_081908_224049


The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_082008_212251

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_082008_213455

Blackrock Depths and Molten Core

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_111410

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_111924

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_112009

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_112512

This one because the mob is called garr, and a guild master is called garry Very Happy
The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_115406

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_115908

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_120918

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_121045

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_121954

An' quiraj

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_132604

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_140909

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_141642

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_142927

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_143343

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_143951

a little nicer

Kel' Thuzard's Throne. Naxxramas
The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_081908_194851

Nefarian. Blackwing Lair (alternatively, we could kill him on his side and all stand there leaning on his dead corpse Razz )
The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_081908_223854

In Impervious the Immortal's room. Blackrock depths
The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_112047

Okay, now, these are my 2 what i call "living backdrops". these come in just after the following section, only because they have live bosses, not downed bosses.

Sapphiron's Lair. Naxxramas (VERY sweet backdrop)
The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_081908_214134

Maexxnas Web. Naxxramas. (no, not because its a spyder Razz because the web and maexx make for a sweet back drop)
The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_082908_214559

and now, these are a toss up for first:

Sulfuras's Lair. Molten Core.

this will require attunment and a LOT of hard work. this instance and this guy are scripted and he's fucking huge. this makes for such a sweet back drop if you can kill him in the right spot, which i have planned out xD

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_122850

C'Thuns Throne. An' Quiraj

this will require nearly 5 hours of gameplay to reach. the setting is epic, the bosses are fucked up and massive, and there is only one way to this room, and thats with a minimum of 5 bosses, one of them having nearly 4 mill hp. (this is a level 60 instance i warn you) bright side, you get mounts for theis instance.

The Gphoto WoWScrnShot_083008_144902

Personal note: there is a nice pair of stairs at the temple on an' quiraj that makes a very nice setting and would only take about 30mins gameplay to kill everything and let it despawn. it looks like the stpes to a pyramid, huge gripphons flanking them.

Personal note 2: these were done on my GM server (owned by a friend) so, if you guys want to sign up and we can all get on THAT server at some time, i can just gear us all like we are here (same tabard and everything) and then i can just .kill our way through the instance.

Hope you guys like them Razz they took me about 8 fucking hours so youd better! Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: The Gphoto   The Gphoto Icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2008 9:42 pm


i dont care which, but the dragon and sulfuron would be pwnage

i am in 100%
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PostSubject: Re: The Gphoto   The Gphoto Icon_minitimeTue Sep 02, 2008 3:47 pm

yes very nice choices, too many for me to make a decision, very nice work.
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PostSubject: Re: The Gphoto   The Gphoto Icon_minitime

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The Gphoto
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