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 Listen Up, this is the guide

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Listen Up, this is the guide Empty
PostSubject: Listen Up, this is the guide   Listen Up, this is the guide Icon_minitimeWed Aug 06, 2008 7:58 am

we will not reserve item s unless previously discussed in game or in the raiding section. new recruits will not be given items unless they display a good amount of spirit, play skill, respect for the officers and above all, patience.

we are an active guild, constantly churning raiding and PvP, if you dont get what you want first time around, dont worry. if an officer needs an item as well as you, and you have earnt the right to participate in guild raids, you shall both roll and whoever wins will get it, full stop, end of story. officers do not take preferance over new recruits, but do remember they have shown quality and have earnt their position.

about promotions.

kazoko is a nice guy, and if he sees you as a nice participant, he will give you a promotion. helping the guild, being helpful in raids, participating in activities and events, respecting the rules and just being a general nice player will earn you the position you deserve higher up!

easy as that. be nice and youll get what you want!
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Listen Up, this is the guide
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