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 Scripted instances

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PostSubject: Scripted instances   Scripted instances Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 8:34 pm

this is to go with my last post about teir raiding. these instances are one thats i currently know are scripted:

Karazhan: all bosses, most mobs

Tempest keep: The mechanar: most mobs and bosses
The botanica: same as mechanar
The Arcatraz: Same as mechanar
The eye: hardcore scripts. mobs act like fire mages in first encounters.

Hyjal: Rage: Frost bolt/ frost nove
Kaz'rogal: 3k slash, thunderclap, Chain Insta-wipe spell (starts 8k, stacks 500 everychain within 20 yards)
Anthereon: lol, wipe. shadow blasts, target deaths, marked deaths, chains, stuns, AoE.

BT: Naj: AoE poison wave, slash like kaz, AoE stun
Teron: Flight, beams, burning, DoT's.

thats all the ones i know of atm, lets go just run instances and die to see what they all do Razz

(more to come as i explore all the lower instances)
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Scripted instances Empty
PostSubject: Re: Scripted instances   Scripted instances Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 12:49 pm

- Raid-wide fear: one shammy with tremor totem up per group
- Grip of the Legion: usually hits only the tank (at least during the times I raided archi), has to be decursed by a druid ASAP
- Air Burst: in my experience, hits everyone in front of Archi, therefore tank must maneuver so that Archi's back is to the raid and only the tank gets thrown up.

Phase 1:
- Shear: reduced max health by 50%, just heal through the duration and burst heal when the debuff fades
- Mortal Strike: i've only seen Illy do MS once during my Illy raids so just be prepared in case he uses MS
Phase 2: (65-70% health, Illy flies into the air)
- Flames of Azzinoth: 2 flames are summoned by Illy. They have pretty low hp and can be killed easily. Once their killed, Illy lands. (Big note: if you don't kill the flames within a set time, Illy starts to cast eye beam (blue fire over an aoe). Since this is Bwow =P, the eye beams are bugged. The blue flames will start attacking Illy instead of the raid, so when this happens, take a rest and let the flames dps on Illy til around 50%. <-- Dunno if it's been fixed already.)
Phase 3:
- see phase 1
Phase 4: (don't really know when this happens, Demon form Illy)
- Shadow Blast: <Raid Wipe Alert> here is where it gets interesting. Shadow blast is a targetable nuke, kind of like a shadow bolt but with AOE. The Aoe is 20 yards centered around the target of Shadow Blast. Illy randomly selects targets to nuke, so everyone should KEEP AWAY from each other but stick relatively close to a healer. Ranged classes should dps during this phase.
Alternating between Phase 3 and 4: (And maybe phase 2, I'm not too sure) - til Illy bites the dust
- Just be alert for Illy's killer spells and the raid should be fine. When Maiev Shadowsong arrives to help dps, the end is near.

I'll add more if I start remembering stuff xD
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Scripted instances
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