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 A little idea...

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PostSubject: A little idea...   Fri Aug 08, 2008 4:01 pm

okay all

well, as you may know, scripts have been placed in our instances!

i propose a training expedition!

okay, heres the the plan. we all go buy t3 from the vendor in org (its only 70 gold, no biggy right?) and we go raiding. we RAID for our t6. so, first we run HFC, gruuls and kara, then ZA, Mags, SSC and TK, then we go for the big fish. Hyjal and BT. in that order, getting our teirs properly. kara is scripted, as we know (lol kaz, maiden wipe with holy fire spamz0rs xD) this way, we can learn how to PvE better with out class.

now im not saying you guys suck at PvE, what i AM saying is were all pretty crap. what did we usually do in instances? run in, tank first, heal and dps them down. not hard at all. so, we've probably lost any CC, kiting or regular PvE ability. if we run through and get our teirs from working for them, we can actually learn to play our classes even better! making us handle them better and thus, giving us more class skill, thus deveolping better PvP skills!

im not saying ditch your teir6/SWP gear, i just want EVERYONE whos in on this (currently me, blub and pif) to go to the vendors, buy t3 and just deck themselves with the weapons they see fit for their class FROM THE VENDORS. cos then we will have great gear! and any weapons you have from rep factions are pefectly legal too! but no items from hyjal rep!

what do you say guys? wanna turn this boy of a guild into a stand strong male?

we can do thisd! legacy will leave behind something and draw members if we make ourselves known and good players! i mean, who on this server can say "i got my chest piece from illidan t6!" the drops are better, so gear will be easier to get, but we can actually practice CC, kiting, and we will also become closer as a group! we will become better players with one another Razz

Brief explanation of class rolls:

Warrior: Tank, Blocker (takes aggro from healers to prevent wipes) and minor CC (bashes, thunderclap etc) off tank

Warlock: CC (fear, banish) off tank (void walker) and wipe protection (Soulstone healers)

Hunter: CC (traps) kiting, off tank (pet [i will tame a bear from ashenvale and level it for this purpose Razz ]) resistance (aspect of the wild) and group buffing (expose weakness, trueshot aura, mark) drawing (feign)

Paladin: resistance (auras) healing (on druid tank) CC (hammer, aggro/bubble) Tank, Blocker, wipe protection (lay on hands, bubble) group buffing (blessings) mana/hp regain (seal of wisdom/light)

Shaman: resistance (totems) multi healing (chain heal) kiting (shock and wolf) group buffing (totems)

Priest: CC (fear, slow/shackle) healing (warrior tank, group AoE healing) resistance (shadow protection) group buffing (spirit and stamina)

Druid: main tank (resistance tank) CC (cat form) healing over time, blocker (bear) off tank, scout (cat)

Mage: CC (polymorph/slow/frost) group buffing (int and magic) main burst DPS, AoE, kiting (frost)

Rogue: CC (sap/gouge/blind) wipe protection (engineer/vansih) scout (stealth) Drawing (vanish)

so are you guys in? if kaz will allow me to plan this, we will be running kara on Monday or Wednesday (day after the PvP event, or 3 days after the PvP event) and were going to do it till we get it down! that we, we will be l337!

P.S metalli, phil and i have retail experiance, i know how to set up the groups, metalli probably has more knowledge than me, and same with phil, but ive seen kara done atleast 20 times on retail (we and my mate dualbox his toons and run it with his guild for chants) so i know a little bit about it too Laughing

hope you guys are in for this ^^ it would also make a sweet homepage video! dont you think?
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PostSubject: Re: A little idea...   Fri Aug 08, 2008 4:07 pm

i totally agree and am loving this idea

but i am not sure how many raids i will be able to do as ideally we need a few hours PER RUN just to get everything sorted, geared up, and finalized and stuff. what i am saying is that i may not have enough time to totally do all of these raids with you guys, as i only spend about 2 hours on here per day (at the max) when it aint summer like it is now.

and yes it will be great getting t6 from bt like we are supposed to lol and then we will overtake DA as the best raiders! well, really, da are only considered the best raiders as they are massive and usually have a heck of a lot of 70's on at once, enabling them to do all raids, and alsoo coz tank and spank is total nubness lol
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PostSubject: Re: A little idea...   Thu Aug 21, 2008 6:31 pm

yah i think that time is major prob we will neeed soo fking much time to do it.
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PostSubject: Re: A little idea...   Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:11 pm

Yea I am up For this

I bags Being tank
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PostSubject: Re: A little idea...   Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:46 pm

i bags being hardcore dps'er XD and offtank, i will always take my tank and dps gear to raids. i just need a few more items then my haste set is all complete too xD
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PostSubject: Re: A little idea...   

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A little idea...
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