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 This is how we roll

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This is how we roll Empty
PostSubject: This is how we roll   This is how we roll Icon_minitimeWed Aug 06, 2008 7:53 am

* Show respect for the guild master. hes an amazing and innovative guy and he's what makes us a great guild, Insulting the Guild Master is looked down upon and will get you a warning as explained below

* Help out our Guild mates! if they need materials and you have them on hand, offer them! giving good service gets you good return favors!

* Don't expect rewards and favors from friendly acts, but if someone helps you out, you are obliged to repay them in some manner

* never charge Guild mates for things! this is wrong and will destroy the guilds spirit! offer your profession's and items to the guild. sell them on trade chat for you money. Charging guild mates is looked down upon and will get you a warning as explained below

* Also, don't expect Guild mates to give you things. Always help them farm materials and throw in a tip if you wish (i always do)

* Do not beg. We will not give you gold. We may help you once, but after that, you will be expected to get a profession and make your own money. we will help you get your profession's money-earning ability as high and as best as we can. begging is looked down upon and will get you a warning as explained below

* Do not spam. guild raids are better than PuGs. spamming LFG SWP /w ME!!!!!! in guild OR trade chat is considered offensive. Spamming on guild chat is looked down upon and will get you a warning as explained below

* WARNINGS: we have two levels of warnings. first offense and second offense. after you are giving a second offense warning, you are removed from the guild. first offenses will have you on probation and have you removed from PvP, events, and guild activities. Second offenses will have you removed from raid activity and general guild participation until declared worthy again. repeated offenses once you get off probation will result in instant guild removal and blacklist on the forums.

* No Ninja'ing. we will not tolerate this and it will result in instant removal, providing evidence. if you see a ninja, screen shot them and email it to an officer. we will not reserve items unless specified and proven new recruits will get their items if they show a decent display of guild spirit.

* You must speak a decent amount of English. if you do not speak English somewhat fluently, we will have to ask you to leave as we want our guild to run at utmost fluency. English speaking involves basic sentence structure, respectable spelling and easy raid commands.

were pretty laid back, and we do tend to fogive and forget, but in general: Abide by these easy rules and you will be a happy member of legacy in no time!
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This is how we roll
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